Jump-Starting Your Article Writing – Tips For Entrepreneurs

Information, much of it in the form of written content, is what drives the Internet. As a result, article writing is extremely important to Internet entrepreneurs who wish to succeed. But sometimes circumstances arise when the articles just aren’t coming.

Writer’s block happens to the best of us. I have cases of it all the time. I’ll be sitting at my keyboard, staring into a blank screen, just hoping that a decent thought will jump into my head and I can start typing again. One minute goes by, then two, then ten, and nothing happens. Drat!

If this has ever happened to you, you know how frustrating it can be. In my personal experience, writer’s block usually occurs when I have not adequately prepared myself to write at the particular time at which I’m trying to write. What I mean is, I have ideas for articles all the time. Unfortunately, they usually show up when I’m in the shower, driving down the highway, in the middle of trying to complete ten other things when something just “pops into my head”, or lying in bed at 3:00am. But, when it’s time to recapture my thoughts, when I’m sitting down and ready to write, nothing.

If this sounds familiar, if you’re in a bit of a slump, or can’t seem to get or hold onto a decent article writing idea, here are some tips:

1) If you get ideas frequently, but can’t seem to recall them when you need them, “sticky notes” and a small notepad work wonders.

I know, it seems ridiculously simple. No rocket science here, but I’m telling you if you’ve never tried this, it works. The problem is not that you don’t have ideas that can be transformed into great articles. The problem is that you’re not capturing the ideas you have.

Keeping small notepads (we don’t want to create clutter, because clutter disrupts our ability to think and act clearly; a subject for yet another article) around the house, in the car, on your desks or anywhere else you tend to frequent, helps you to record important or creative ideas as soon as you get them (or soon thereafter). By taking time to “jot down” your thoughts as they come, you create a means of saving them; a record and a resource. Then, when you’re in a position to do something with the ideas, or when your “well runs dry”, you have a great tool at your disposal. (Note: Using a personal voice recorder instead of a notepad, will work just as well.)

2) If getting ideas in the first place is your problem, here are three quick idea sources: current news (What’s going on that affects your niche?), industry news (What are the new/hot trends, what changes are occurring, what are people saying/doing?), and current problems or challenges your audience may face.

Each of these sources can be reviewed quickly without taking too much of your time or effort. They can each provide the “seeds” from which to generate interesting and helpful articles. In addition, don’t overlook the value of your own experience. Your challenges, successes and failures are likely very similar to those of other individuals who are involved and interested in the same things as are you. Often, just writing about a subject and offering readers a different perspective can provide a great deal of benefit to your audience.

3) My final tip…Don’t force it.

If you’re experiencing difficulty with your article writing, walk away. If you’re attempting to write an article and nothing is happening, STEP AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER (or paper or notepad).

Turn your attention elsewhere. Feed the cat, walk the dog, get some fresh air. Do something to break away from your writing. Engage yourself in activities that are completely different. Then return to your writing task with a refreshed mind and renewed energy. I believe you’ll find that you can write. If however, your “dry spell” lasts more than momentarily, my advice is still the same. Disengage, even for a period of a day or two if needed, and completely immerse yourself in other things. When you feel refreshed, come back to your writing and begin again.

Although there may be similarities in the actions of individuals involved in the task, article writing is somewhat different for everyone who does it. As writers, we all have different routines, different rituals, and different methodologies according to what works best for each of us. Invariably though, at some point or other, every writer comes to a point when their engine stalls.

The best advice is to keep yourself renewed and refreshed on a regular basis. Avoid getting so involved in your writing (or for you who are entrepreneurs, any of the other gazillion tasks you perform), that you exclude all else. This will help you to maintain a fresh perspective, and that “freshness” will certainly be reflected in your ability to write, as well as in the quality of your writing.

But when a difficult period does arise, be prepared. Have the tools in place to help you to get your article writing started and going again. Hopefully the tips included within this article will help you to do just that. Happy writing!

Boxer Puppy Training

This very popular breed first originated during the late 1800s in Germany. It has been said that the name “boxer” came from the box in motion that this breed often performed with their front paws. Boxers have a formidable body being medium in size and stocky along with some strong set of jaws. you’ll often find this breed working in various capacities like police, rescue and military work. They offer a loyal, strong and active demeanor. They usually are loving, nice and intelligent dog companions.

In regards to boxer puppy training, you’ll find your own boxer to be insightful, clever and fast to learn. For this size of dog, puppy obedience training is very necessary. They definitely require a calm assertive dominant person as their owner. As with all dogs, they generally do not respond well to treatment that is harsh. Again with this breed, they respond well to being firm, fair and consistent. Boxers perform well within competitive obedience competitions while also loving to engage in tricks.

Like most other dogs for the ages up to 21 days, the boxer puppy simply has not much capacity to do anything except for sleeping, eating and enjoying a little playtime. During this age they will find it easy to go to the bathroom almost any place. Eventually, they will search for other places farther from their living quarters to do their elimination. During this time of their age, the boxer puppy will have the capacity to be introduced to other new experiences like crate training.

For example, it should definitely be possible to train your boxer puppy to “sit” on command at this age. Other simple commands like “come” should also be possible. Dogs of all ages like to be challenged in various capacities so a boxer puppy will undoubtedly enjoy this experience to not only learn but also bond with his human companions.

Whether it be training your boxer puppy or some other type of dog, it is always good to stay within some basic guidelines for teaching. It is important for the whole household to know and understand these guidelines so that your puppy will learn quicker and not be confused. While understanding this, remember that your boxer puppy will learn constantly and not only in formal training sessions with you. Therefore, keep in mind that your puppy will take everything in that he experiences.

Consistency will be key in order for your boxer puppy to learn quickly. Being consistent should be taken into account in all situations with your actions and/or words. For example, don’t say the command “sit” one time and then the next time say something like “sit down” when looking for the same response from your puppy. Consistency means using the same word for a command each and every time. That also means everyone in the family uses the same word for a particular command. Also, don’t let your dog hear your command and respond by ignoring you. You will have to make sure that he knows this command has a certain meaning. In order for him to properly respond to a command, you have to make sure he responds consistently. If he does not, you simply have to make it happen.

Don’t ever punish your boxer puppy in order for him to do something you want. All dogs including boxers respond to praise and rewards 100 times better. Punishment while also make them sour on the idea of training sessions.

When giving training sessions to your new puppy, try to keep the time short when they are younger. As they do get older, you’ll find their attention span to the better. The minute your puppy seems to be not interested, and your training session to carry on later.

Continually use patience and confidence when in training sessions and out with respect to your new boxer. This demeanor gives a sense of calm assertiveness that depicts you as a pack leader for your new puppy. Dogs respond to pack leaders that is why you need to reflect that persona.

Another good idea to think about or basic guidelines will be simplicity. In your training sessions make sure that all things can be seen as simple from your puppy’s point of view. Remember to never use commands within sentences but only by themselves. When a command is said together with other words, dogs will either be confused by this or simply not understand what you want to say. therefore, if the command is “come” do not add any words to that like “come here”.

Timing will be very important when it comes to teaching your puppy. Right after a command is voiced, boxer puppy should respond immediately and not moments later. He also needs to respond after hearing the command once and not multiple times. If he gets used to hearing the command multiple times then he will likely respond after he hears that command a certain amount of times.

Getting your new boxer puppy to learn various things will definitely be an enjoyable experience for him and you. Never communicate with your puppy from a demeanor of anger since your puppy will not respond well. Remember that they continually want to please their master or pack leader. A good happy teaching session with your puppy will be a much more effective training experience that he will want to repeat many times.

Enroll Your Pet to Dog Training School to Modify Behavioral Problems

Suddenly you’ve noticed your dog acting very strange and weird. An unexplainable behavioral pattern is developing yet you can’t seem to understand the reason for your dog’s behavior, so you finally decide to get professional advice through training schools for dogs with behavioral problems.

Dog training schools are highly recommended for dogs with behavioral issues that dog owners can’t understand and through the help of a training school, dog owners will be able to understand and learn to communicate with their dog properly. Behavioral issues like jumping on people or objects, not listening to commands or disobedience are behavioral problems that are resolved in dog training schools. Both participation from the dog and dog owner is required for this training program.

One example of a dog training school is the Robinswood Kennels that provides complete satisfaction to their clients and achieves success in their goal to training different kinds of dogs. In fact, dog training is seriously given importance in this school because as quoted, “dog training is an art that takes many years of love, devotion, and experience to master,..”

At Robinswood Kennels, training dogs is one of the programs most likely offered to help correct behavioral problems in dogs. Unusual behavioral problems can lead to a more serious problem that can last a lifetime. Dog training schools offers dog training specialized to correct negative problems into positive ones by avoiding environments and locations where the problems first occurred during the habit breaking method. Meanwhile, behavioral techniques and handling are taught to dog owners before returning their dogs to their homes. Continuous training allows both dog and dog owner to initiate better relationship and understanding with each other.

Dog training schools have over a number of professionals with the acquired training involving animal patterns that allows them to modify dog behavioral patterns, therefore, using certain methods that can help dog owners have better communication skills with their dogs. Due to their formalized training, professionals will also teach dogs to overcome their negative problems and invert it to positive ones.

The foundation of dog training schools is the basic training that allows dogs to learn all commands performed either by hand signals or voice. Other trainings learned are problem elimination and leaning to advanced obedience training. Advance obedience training is a complete off-leash program that allows a dog to freely move about while still on the owners command.

Dog training schools also offer a training program used for security reasons. The protection training is for dogs training rigorously for security purpose that includes learning about safety measures and protection certainty to entities that needs dog protection. There are different various protection trainings available for all kinds of breeds that specialize from basic protection to personal bodyguard of high-class entities.

Several dog training schools offer a number of different training programs that allows dogs and dog owners to engage in many exercises to further achieve better relationship with each other. Dog training schools main goal is to achieve communication and proper understanding between the dog and dog owners as well.

Dogs with behavioral issues profusely affect the relationship between dogs and dog owners, therefore, maintaining a wonderful relationship with their dogs is important. The best solution is to enroll the dog in a dog training school for a proper behavioral correction and discipline as well as improve the relationship between the dog and dog owner.

Learn to Play Guitar in No Time

I’ve always been impressed with those people who can play the guitar like a rock star with seemingly little effort. It almost appears as if they were born doing it. I always wanted to learn to play guitar, but as it turns out, it’s actually quite difficult. That is, until I discovered that it doesn’t have to be…

I had tried several self-learn style websites where you can learn to play guitar through online lessons. The problem was that I would reach a point and then get stuck because the lessons were hard to follow, or incomplete, or the website wasn’t very professionally done, or the quality was poor, or worse yet, the lessons were just plain boring. What helped bring my guitar playing to new levels was when I found a website that made learning to play guitar easy, fast, and fun, and I learned from an actual professional musician who knows his stuff.

I want to reveal this priceless information to you right now. If you’re looking to learn to play guitar, then this could be the most informative article you read all year because the information I’m about to reveal to you has the power to dramatically improve your guitar playing skills.

But first, if you’re going to learn how to play guitar, then you should also learn a little bit about a guitar. The guitar is made up of 9 to 11 parts depending on whether you’re playing an electric or acoustic guitar. The parts include the head, tuning peg, nut, fretboard, position marker, pick guard, bridge, and body.

That’s where the similarities end. The electric guitar also has pickups, pickup selectors, and tone/volume controls. The acoustic guitar does not have any of the aforementioned parts of the electric guitar, but does have a sound hole.

You should also learn a little about chords, which form the backbone and harmony of a piece of music. One of the most important things to learn as a beginner is how to play open chords. By doing this, you’ll easily learn to play simple songs, which will motivate you to learn more complicated techniques.

Learning to play guitar on your own can be a difficult task, and you’d most likely seek out guitar lessons. But this can be a hassle since you have to follow someone else’s schedule, and it can get expensive over time. Instead, you need a solution that allows you to learn at your own pace, take your lessons at any time of day, and for as long as you want, and is relatively inexpensive.

That’s exactly what I did. I was able to learn at my own pace, whenever I had free time. I didn’t have to learn to play guitar based on someone else’s schedule, nor did I have to keep paying for lessons, over and over again. I learned fast too, and made more progress in a couple of months than I had in the previous couple of years. It was amazing finally learning to play guitar the way I had always envisioned.

But even though I had a very little bit of experience playing guitar, the system I used to finally really learn to play guitar is great for beginners who have never even strummed one before. It uses special software that makes learning to play guitar fast, and more importantly, fun. It works for children as young as 8, and on up to adults. You’ll also learn how to read notes, or play by ear so you can start playing your favorite songs just by hearing them.

Within a couple of months, I went from a mediocre wannabe guitarist who couldn’t read a note, or play simple chords to save his life, to playing my favorite rock songs, and I did it at my own pace. I can say that I truly learned to play guitar. I’m having the best time of my life playing for friends and family, and I love watching their faces now that they can actually recognize the songs I play.

Check That Your Real Estate License Courses Are Approved

Real Estate License and Discounted DRE Approved Courses

You want to sell properties and you need a license. Quick real estate license solutions exist that will guarantee you will pass the state exam after the eighteen day “study” requirement and still be approved by the DRE.

Department of Real Estate

It is important to be sure that the courses you choose are accepted by the state and are DRE approved. In 1917, the law was established that regulated license requirements. The DRE was formed with this law and is currently regulating realtors. It monitors the market and protects transactions that occur with regard to buying and selling properties in the state.

Whether you are studying for a new license, renewing your current license or are active in buying/selling, the Department of Real Estate monitors and regulates the activities, courses, schools and continuing education.

Therefore, when looking for a real estate license school for your pre-licensing education, the DRE will let you know whether or not the school and the courses are approved.

Discounted Courses

Keep in mind, that in today’s online education system, there are many schools with satellite websites that offer the courses of approved schools. Sometimes these websites offer courses at a discount.

Many times you will not find the discount websites with the DRE. However, you will find the courses they offer to be registered and approved by the DRE. They very well can be a legitimate source for your pre-licensing material without paying excessive prices. In fact, many of the well known schools are marketing online through various vendors or discount venues.

According to the DRE website, the law requires that salesperson license applicants demonstrate the following:

  • Knowledge of the English language and mathematical computations required when working with property evaluations.
  • Understanding of the principles associated with transactions including mortgages, contracts, leases and appraisals.
  • Understanding of the law pertaining to real estate.

Other subjects that may be covered in the state exam include:

  • Financing
  • Laws
  • Property Ownership
  • Land Regulations
  • Contracts

Studying for the Real Estate Exam

When studying for the exam it is important to study one subject at a time and take the exam for that specific subject. This will allow you to retain more information without bombarding your memory with multiple subjects at one time. Think of each course in terms of flash cards where you break the subjects down into sections.

Each course will have its own exam and if you receive a low score, begin the course again. Do not move to another course until you pass the course exam with a passing grade of 85% or higher.

Once you complete each exam and pass accordingly, it is important to find and take an exam-prep. The exam-prep allows a simulation of the state exam. There are several styles of the exam and you may run into timed and untimed exam-preps. The important thing to keep in mind is to be able to pass the exam-prep with a high score before worrying about the time it takes to complete the exam. Again, it is wise to pass with a high score before you decide to register and sit for the state exam.

Study Tips

I find it best to study for any exam by writing the difficult questions on a piece of paper with the answers next to them. Write as small as you can and look at the paper as a whole and mentally take a picture of it. In addition, you can carry the paper around with you and read the questions and answers each day until you are comfortable with answering them correctly.

Study in a quiet area without any distractions. You must focus on the material and mentally picture what the question is asking.

Study before you fall asleep. I find that studying at night will sometimes allow your brain to process the information as you sleep. Therefore, you retain the information more effectively than studying in the morning before day to day events cloud your focus.

In conclusion, you do not have to purchase expensive courses to get your license. Look for discounted course packages as long as you check to see if the courses you are purchasing are approved by the DRE before studying for your real estate license exam. That way you will know that the information provided will cover the exam material correctly and your chances of passing will be enhanced.

Be sure to study one course at a time and use the proper studying techniques before sitting for the state exam.

The Importance of Financial Education

Education is not restricted to school. Reading and training are part of your education. Set your mind to making money and you will succeed. Right now you have no idea how much money you will make in your life so don’t put any limitations on it. Get into the habit of building a positive image about money,

It may seem a silly thing to do but the results may impress you. Thoughts are things put them to use for you. Think good thoughts and good things will happen

Recently I read a very interesting book from two famous authors; Donald J. Trump and Robert Kiyosaki called Why We Want You to Be Rich. Both of these gurus feel that lack of financial education is the cause of the world economic problem. In this book he shares about vision that most people never see. Both of them share what they think and why they think the way they do, through their eyes you will gain additional insight how one can improve your financial future.

Your education fund is the first priority in your goal setting we want to give you a tip on how to make it grow. Once you have set up an account with either your local bank you need to plan how to put money into it.

One of the best ways is make deals with your parents. Tell them college is a big dream of yours and that each month you are going to put $20 into your account. Ask them to match it. Your parents will like that you are helping pay for your education and it shows that you are willing to work for it, suddenly you are getting twice as much money and your account is growing faster than it otherwise.

In the first year you will put $400 into your account and with interest you could have saved over $500 at the end of the year.

Financial education is very important to everyone who wants to seek a better life at a time when we all need to be financially equipped for the future we face.

Your teen buddy



Desktop Publishing Degree Courses Online

Computer software is used to create various products such as newspapers and Internet advertisements. The skills needed to use the programs that allow professionals to design these types of documents can be learned online. Students can enter a variety of degree programs in desktop publishing and gain the skills needed for a career.

Online education teaches students how to utilize the software and media programs of today’s leading industries to create documents for different purposes. Desktop publishing can be learned through a variety of formats. The most popular direction students take to enter this field is through a direct program offered online. Students may also complete programs that combine the skills of desktop publishing into another career like graphic design. Direct programs are offered to students at the certificate level and inside an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program. No graduate training opportunities currently exist in desktop publishing. Students can pursue a graduate degree in related areas like graphic communication where they learn to use their abilities in fields such as marketing and public relations.

Online courses teach students how to utilize the latest computer software to design, edit, and write for print and web based publications. Programs are set up to help students develop a portfolio of their work to show potential employers. Courses that may be incorporated into a degree program include:


Many schools will explore how to use Adobe Illustrator. This computer software is used to generate and change shapes, lines, textures, and words. Understanding how to use this program is essential inside the professional workplace.

*Digital Imaging

The industry constantly incorporates images into page layouts and web publishing. Students learn how to make and edit images using the industry’s top software program Adobe Photoshop. The technical and procedural aspects of using this program train students how to successfully manipulate images.

*Printing Technology

The process of preparing documents for print is discussed so students understand how to correct mistakes that are seen on paper. Graphic preparation, platemaking, and layout are all course topics that prepare students for work.

*Layout and Design

This aspect of the industry is extremely important for professionals in the newspaper, advertising, and magazine business. Layout and design is explored through its many elements to produce a product that is aesthetically pleasing. Typography, image placement, and color are course subjects examined.

Students that hold a degree in desktop publishing have the most opportunities to find work. The creative principles learned through coursework can be applied to numerous careers in areas like software companies, newspapers, advertising businesses, and more.

Learn how to properly use the industry’s technology by enrolling in an online desktop publishing degree program offered by an accredited school. Full accreditation is awarded to the best schools and colleges that offer a quality education. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design ( http://nasad.arts-accredit.org ) is one of numerous agencies approved to accredit schools and colleges. Training is focused on teaching students how to work in their desired career. Complete a degree program and enter an exciting and innovative career.

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at PETAP.org.

Copyright 2010 – All rights reserved by PETAP.org.

Top 4 Distinct and Smart College Logo Designs For Football Teams

Rivalry between college football teams begins with the team brand marks.

The team logo is a symbol for pride, loyalty and passion for the game. This is why it is extremely important that the football team symbols are crafted to be distinct and smart.

Below mentioned are top 4 distinct and smart college logo designs for football teams that have rocked the world.

1. Michigan State Spartans:

The Spartans symbol is clean and compact. It simply consists of a green colored headgear that seems to belong to the Roman times. The illustration is drawn in the form of a silhouette which makes it uncluttered and distinct.

This brand mark was famously described Jensen as;

“The Michigan State logo gives off the feeling of intimidation and seriousness with sharp lines and angles – which is perfect for a college football team.”

The simplicity of the design makes it classic and sophisticated whereas the bright green colors makes it eye catching. The touch of history and tradition attracts loyalty of the team’s fans.

2. Miami Hurricanes:

Even though they have only used a single letter in their brand mark, it is created with such distinctness that the design becomes memorable. The design consists of the letter U in dual shades of bright orange and green. Although it would have made much more sense to use the letter ‘M’ to represent the team, the uniqueness of ‘U’ should not be underestimated. This emblem is stylish and contemporary which captures the true essence of the state.

3. Clemson Tigers:

This emblem has a playful and rich personality. The design consists of an orange colored paw print of a tiger. It is often said that this symbol is created so innovatively that the team owns the color. This simple design has been successful in conveying many different moods at the same time. The tiger paw print shows that the team is authoritative and intimidating while the orange color showcases their fun and playful nature. There is also a sense of mystery and intrigue in the design that makes it hard to overlook.

4. Texas Longhorns:

This is one of the most sophisticated, contemporary and intimidating designs ever crafted in the world of football emblems. The illustration simply consists of an illustration of an orange colored bull with horns. The sleek face of the bull along with its elongated horns makes it smooth and versatile. The image has been crafted with just the right amount of detail. This college logo team represents the true nature of the state along with keeping true with the essence of the sport.

One feature that was observed in all of these designs is that they have been created with sophisticated and mystery which makes them distinct and smart.

Enterprise Coaching

Enterprise Coaching is invaluable to the small business owner and key staff in running a successful business. The director’s of many start-up businesses know their industry inside out but tend be be inexperienced in many factors that Enterprise Coaching can help them with.

An Enterprise Coach helps maximize profits and achieve optimum performance. There is always a quicker way of achieving a set of tasks. It is better to define processes early on before you get too busy to. A well defined process, or method of achieving a set of tasks, will help you achieve your business objectives more quickly and efficiently, therefore maximizing profits.

Having an Enterprise Coach is a necessity especially when you consider that, as a small business owner, you will be ultimately responsible for sales, marketing and planning your business.  One of the most important things that Enterprise Coaching helps small business owners achieve is maintaining focus on the task at hand whilst still having vision. Many business directors get bogged down in detail once they get started. An Enterprise Coach can therefore help you grow your business effectively.

Wasting time is an aspect of running a business that many of us worry about. We want to get the most out of our day. Another concern is working long hours at the operational level and never having time to plan ahead. Enterprise Coaching helps solve this by freeing up time for growing the business. Having vision and innovating are what keeps many entrepreneurs driven. None of us likes to feel that our business is not progressing. Enterprise Coaching should be part of any business plan.

Careers in Cooking: Becoming a Chef

If you enjoy cooking, you might have entertained the thought at some point of becoming a professional chef. This is a career that takes a lot of work and discipline to break into, but most chefs love their job. It’s a great joy to be able to invent recipes and prepare food and share your creations with other people.

Probably the most effective way to become a chef is to pursue a degree in the culinary arts. You can go to a special culinary school, or to a traditional college or university that offers a culinary program. Community colleges and private institutions also offer culinary classes. There are many advantages to this kind of formal training program. First, you’ll get plenty of time to practice your craft, and learn all you can about food science, ingredients and taste combinations. You will be under the tutelage of professional teachers who can help you identify your strengths and work on your weaknesses. You will also have an inside track when it comes to jobs in kitchens and internships in major food organizations. And these kinds of positions will really improve your resume and lengthen your list of contacts and references, which will make it easier to find a job when you graduate. (Some culinary arts programs even offer help to their seniors with full-time job placement.) In addition, when you go to college for culinary arts you’ll be able to take business courses, which will help you if you want to become a chef in a management position, or if you want to go into business for yourself. You’ll need to know how to balance the books, keep the meals you prepare within a certain budget, and manage other employees.

The second path to becoming a chef is to work as an apprentice chef for a period of time, usually about three years, and then light out on your own. This might be a good strategy for someone who wants to forego the college experience, or who’s a mid-career professional who wants to switch careers and become a chef. The major drawback here, however, is that some businesses will only consider hiring candidates for chef positions with a college degree. But if you are interested in an apprenticeship, you might apply for one through the American Culinary Federation. They’ve set up several dozen apprenticeships throughout the United States. What’s exciting about being an apprentice is that you’re in the middle of the action from day one-getting into the kitchen, seeing how kitchen staff members interact and collaborate with one another to prepare meals, and helping to create dishes.

Being a chef also means being committed to your art. No matter where you are in your career, you should seize opportunities to learn about new foods, new flavors, new recipes. Food self-education is not only a must throughout your life, but it can also be quite delicious!