Top 4 Distinct and Smart College Logo Designs For Football Teams

Rivalry between college football teams begins with the team brand marks.

The team logo is a symbol for pride, loyalty and passion for the game. This is why it is extremely important that the football team symbols are crafted to be distinct and smart.

Below mentioned are top 4 distinct and smart college logo designs for football teams that have rocked the world.

1. Michigan State Spartans:

The Spartans symbol is clean and compact. It simply consists of a green colored headgear that seems to belong to the Roman times. The illustration is drawn in the form of a silhouette which makes it uncluttered and distinct.

This brand mark was famously described Jensen as;

“The Michigan State logo gives off the feeling of intimidation and seriousness with sharp lines and angles – which is perfect for a college football team.”

The simplicity of the design makes it classic and sophisticated whereas the bright green colors makes it eye catching. The touch of history and tradition attracts loyalty of the team’s fans.

2. Miami Hurricanes:

Even though they have only used a single letter in their brand mark, it is created with such distinctness that the design becomes memorable. The design consists of the letter U in dual shades of bright orange and green. Although it would have made much more sense to use the letter ‘M’ to represent the team, the uniqueness of ‘U’ should not be underestimated. This emblem is stylish and contemporary which captures the true essence of the state.

3. Clemson Tigers:

This emblem has a playful and rich personality. The design consists of an orange colored paw print of a tiger. It is often said that this symbol is created so innovatively that the team owns the color. This simple design has been successful in conveying many different moods at the same time. The tiger paw print shows that the team is authoritative and intimidating while the orange color showcases their fun and playful nature. There is also a sense of mystery and intrigue in the design that makes it hard to overlook.

4. Texas Longhorns:

This is one of the most sophisticated, contemporary and intimidating designs ever crafted in the world of football emblems. The illustration simply consists of an illustration of an orange colored bull with horns. The sleek face of the bull along with its elongated horns makes it smooth and versatile. The image has been crafted with just the right amount of detail. This college logo team represents the true nature of the state along with keeping true with the essence of the sport.

One feature that was observed in all of these designs is that they have been created with sophisticated and mystery which makes them distinct and smart.