Boxer Puppy Training

This very popular breed first originated during the late 1800s in Germany. It has been said that the name “boxer” came from the box in motion that this breed often performed with their front paws. Boxers have a formidable body being medium in size and stocky along with some strong set of jaws. you’ll often find this breed working in various capacities like police, rescue and military work. They offer a loyal, strong and active demeanor. They usually are loving, nice and intelligent dog companions.

In regards to boxer puppy training, you’ll find your own boxer to be insightful, clever and fast to learn. For this size of dog, puppy obedience training is very necessary. They definitely require a calm assertive dominant person as their owner. As with all dogs, they generally do not respond well to treatment that is harsh. Again with this breed, they respond well to being firm, fair and consistent. Boxers perform well within competitive obedience competitions while also loving to engage in tricks.

Like most other dogs for the ages up to 21 days, the boxer puppy simply has not much capacity to do anything except for sleeping, eating and enjoying a little playtime. During this age they will find it easy to go to the bathroom almost any place. Eventually, they will search for other places farther from their living quarters to do their elimination. During this time of their age, the boxer puppy will have the capacity to be introduced to other new experiences like crate training.

For example, it should definitely be possible to train your boxer puppy to “sit” on command at this age. Other simple commands like “come” should also be possible. Dogs of all ages like to be challenged in various capacities so a boxer puppy will undoubtedly enjoy this experience to not only learn but also bond with his human companions.

Whether it be training your boxer puppy or some other type of dog, it is always good to stay within some basic guidelines for teaching. It is important for the whole household to know and understand these guidelines so that your puppy will learn quicker and not be confused. While understanding this, remember that your boxer puppy will learn constantly and not only in formal training sessions with you. Therefore, keep in mind that your puppy will take everything in that he experiences.

Consistency will be key in order for your boxer puppy to learn quickly. Being consistent should be taken into account in all situations with your actions and/or words. For example, don’t say the command “sit” one time and then the next time say something like “sit down” when looking for the same response from your puppy. Consistency means using the same word for a command each and every time. That also means everyone in the family uses the same word for a particular command. Also, don’t let your dog hear your command and respond by ignoring you. You will have to make sure that he knows this command has a certain meaning. In order for him to properly respond to a command, you have to make sure he responds consistently. If he does not, you simply have to make it happen.

Don’t ever punish your boxer puppy in order for him to do something you want. All dogs including boxers respond to praise and rewards 100 times better. Punishment while also make them sour on the idea of training sessions.

When giving training sessions to your new puppy, try to keep the time short when they are younger. As they do get older, you’ll find their attention span to the better. The minute your puppy seems to be not interested, and your training session to carry on later.

Continually use patience and confidence when in training sessions and out with respect to your new boxer. This demeanor gives a sense of calm assertiveness that depicts you as a pack leader for your new puppy. Dogs respond to pack leaders that is why you need to reflect that persona.

Another good idea to think about or basic guidelines will be simplicity. In your training sessions make sure that all things can be seen as simple from your puppy’s point of view. Remember to never use commands within sentences but only by themselves. When a command is said together with other words, dogs will either be confused by this or simply not understand what you want to say. therefore, if the command is “come” do not add any words to that like “come here”.

Timing will be very important when it comes to teaching your puppy. Right after a command is voiced, boxer puppy should respond immediately and not moments later. He also needs to respond after hearing the command once and not multiple times. If he gets used to hearing the command multiple times then he will likely respond after he hears that command a certain amount of times.

Getting your new boxer puppy to learn various things will definitely be an enjoyable experience for him and you. Never communicate with your puppy from a demeanor of anger since your puppy will not respond well. Remember that they continually want to please their master or pack leader. A good happy teaching session with your puppy will be a much more effective training experience that he will want to repeat many times.

Top 10 Training Academies in India

Training is what makes a person capable of doing something that cannot be done without proper training and knowledge. Training is very crucial for those activities that can be done only by knowledgeable people. Many people look for training in different fields and different streams in order to make themselves job-ready and achieve career growth on a faster basis. People choose the field of training based on factors like basic education, interest and scope of a field. There are various educational academies in India that provide in-depth training in different streams including fields like Information Technology, fashion and other fields. Training academies across India provide training for different courses of a particular field. The numbers of training academies are rising rapidly in our country. It is also quite difficult for people to choose the right training academy because of the huge numbers. There are few academies that advertise with false promises and create disappointment among the students. It is very much vital to choose the right academy based on factors like infrastructure, faculty, course content and so one. We have done an in-depth research in finding some of the best training academies in India. These are the top 10 training academies in India.


FITA has become more than just a training academy. It has become an established brand for job-assured training. It has transformed the lives of many students in a very short time. Students are passing out of Fita with immense knowledge and skills which give them the guarantee of placement. FITA provides training and certification in various Information Technology related courses like Java, Oracle, PHP, Hadoop etc and also provides training for digital marketing. It has already trained 10000+ students and given the best skills and knowledge they can get. Fita has expertise that meets global standards.

FITA Address: 37F, Velachery Main Road, Next To AdayarAnandaBhavan, Velachery, Chennai -600042. Phone: +91 98417 46595/044 42084566


NIVT is a unit of Novel Research & Development India (P) Ltd. It was started in the year 2003 and has already trained many freshers and professionals. It is known to provide the best vocational training for various courses like Hadoop, Analytics, Web & Mobile technologies and Promotion Marketing. NIVT is the first institute in Eastern region of India to provide courses in business intelligence tool. It is also affiliated with the Government of India. It also offers scholarships for under privileged students. It is the best known for its Analytics courses. It is situated in Kolkata but is well known all over India.

NIVT Address: SDF Building, Module #118, Ground Floor, Salt Lake City, GP Block, Sector V, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091 Phone: +91 92306 13568


Vector is an institute that offers an all-in-one training courses on Embedded and VLSI systems. It is India’s first ISO 9001:2015 certified embedded & VLSI system training institute. The trainers at Vector have proven expertise in different fields and domains. They have designed an exclusive course content that meets global requirements. Vector has been meeting the demand for embedded system designers and has been supporting its students in getting placed in some of the best companies in the world. It is an institution with national recognition. It also offers short term courses to its students.

Vector Address: 33/49, 27th Cross Street, 12th Main, Jayanagar, 4th Block, Bangalore-560011 Phone: +91 87624 56789


Analytixlabs, as its name suggests, it is an academy that concentrates more on Analytics and data management. It has branches in Bangalore and Gurgaon. Analytixlabs is known to have a huge network in the industry to guide and support students in placements. The students will also be guided on job applications and interview preparations. They have experts from companies like McKinsey, KPMG, Deloitte and Genpact to train students in the data analytics field with global knowledge. It also offers discounted rates for many courses that are in demand. It provides its services to both college students and working professionals to achieve career up gradation and acceleration.

Analytixlabs Address: Bldg 41, First floor, 14th Main Road, Near BDA Complex, Sector 7, HSR Layout, Bangalore – 560102 Phone: +91 95552 19007


Orangetree Global is located in various parts of north India like Pune, Kolkata and Mumbai. It offers courses that train students in business intelligence and business analytics. The Academy strives to impart knowledge to its students on various high-end technologies that will be of high demand in current as well as in future. It also offers resume building so that students learn to prepare professional resume suitable for data professionals.

Orangetree Address: 203B, Kemp Plaza, Malad MindSpace, Mumbai 400064 Phone: +91 98300 63222


IIHT is located not only in India but also in Nepal. It offers various courses related Information Technology field. It has about 30+ job oriented courses that support the career of many students and professionals. It was found by some of the top veterans of the IT field, who have experience of more than 15 years. It has the separate range of courses for students and working professionals. Found in the year 1993, it has been successful in creating huge opportunities for students both in India and in foreign countries.

IIHT Address: No. 321, IInd Floor (Opposite to Stairs), Doshi Gardens, Arcot Road, Vadapalani, Chennai – 600026. Phone: 9677055562, 044-43069570


Network Bulls is a provider of exclusive networking based training and courses. It offers a wide variety of courses that support the job market demand for networking professionals. It has been in operation for more than 7 years. It is much of an exclusive academy with high-end infrastructure that supports and helps to learn and gain a lot of knowledge on networking. It is known to have the world’s biggest CISCO labs.

Network Bulls Address: SCO-9,10,11,12-2nd & 3rd Floor, Old Delhi Road, Sec-14, Gurgaon-122001 Phone: 1800 3070 7628


Inventateq is an ISO 9001:2015 certified institute that imparts knowledge on various Information Technology streams. Interview questions and real case studies are provided to students so that the students gain as much as possible. It is a software training institute based in Bangalore. It has four branches in Bangalore.

Inventateq Address: 687, 1st Floor, 29th Main Road, Btm Layout 2nd Stage, Btm Lake Road, Bangalore-76 Phone: +91 080 42108236


Vogue is basically a fashion designing institute that provides post graduation also. It deals with not only fashion designing but also provides courses in fashion technology and management. It imparts knowledge that creates awareness about fashion merchandising. It is an institute based in Bangalore which is a hub of fashion and fashion merchandising.

Vogue Address: Plot # SW45-SW48, KIADB Apparel Park Phase II, Bangalore – 561203 Phone: +91 02261816372


Delphi is also another single technology based Academy in India. It is exclusively for SAP technology. It offers specialized SAP programs for individuals, professionals and students. It also offers SAP consulting services to some of the top companies which prove that the institute has been providing good on-field experience.

Delphi Address: 201A, Indira Building, Next to Titan Showroom, Bhandarkar Road, Pune 411004 Phone: +91 2040110500

Training is possible only through some of the best training academies. Training provides results that will give career acceleration to many people. Training imparts knowledge in various technologies that are of high demand and requirement around the world. We have listed out the Top 10 Training Academies in India that provide the best training like FITA Academy in the concerned fields and technologies like Java, Hadoop, Android, Selenium etc.,